on Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Augmented reality? WTH is that? Are you trying to put a techy-nerdy topic right here? Well not that techy, it’s somewhat a round up topic here. First I’m gonna to cover up some of the tech updates bout it and after that I will tell you the real reason why I put this topic. So, this post would be a lil’ bit beneficial to you.

Augmented reality is a not-very-new technology which would make our tech life lil’ bit more real-time. It’s so popular after the introduction of iPhone. Well, it’s true and this augmented reality in iPhone would be known if the user is well blend with the iPhone technology and explore it deeply. Owh, I don’t have iPhone and I wish I’ll have one later. When you talk with augmented reality, then you also talk about real-time and I will not get too nerdy to tell all those thing cuz you guys can do some Google ‘bout it.

What is so cool ‘bout augmented reality? Well, they can be in any form, even exhibit in the touchscreen, trackpad and iPhone touchscreen technology which is a form of augmented reality. GPS also can be consider as a form of augmented reality since they have a geo-tagging technology which locate you accurately using the trigonometry mathematical… bla3 (I hate math). Owh, maybe you not afford to buy iPhone yet but you can try it in other gadgets like Samsung smartphone which have the Barcode scanner, just by using the built-in camera. That so cool, I have try it already.

Even the latest video game consoles implement this so-called augmented reality like Nintendo Wii, PlayStation 3 Move and Xbox 360 Kinect. They got a latest technology of real-time recognition, range from facial to voice recognition. Lot of technologies they use in these game console and surely will make your game life much more like a real life. Cool huh?

If you prefer to try something which is much more newer and affordable technology like this Microsoft Tag®, which is a new technology to provide information to consumers in an easier way and make the information advertised is tractable, organized and more systematic. This technology is almost applicable on every new-generation phones with built-in camera that have this Microsoft® Tag Reader software. This software is available to download for free (click here to download it to your phone. Tips: Go for .jar if you use Sony Ericsson). Too complex to tell you how this thing work out in a very imaginable way. But all I can say is when you found this Microsoft Tag somewhere public like the cinemas or transit station, you just need to turn on this application and scan the tag using the Microsoft® Tag Reader and you got all the information you needed with the help from the mobile Internet. I have try this application using Sony Ericsson W660i. It’s works well and fun to try. You can even create customized tag. Maybe you wanna print it at your clothes so you can detect your shirts if stolen while you living with some other people. Good for student who live in a hostel… Or simply you want to stick the tag on your forehead so people can scan that tag to find information about you. Happy experimenting!!!

The thing is, this technology still can’t beat the human nature. Example you can’t scan your friends to get information ‘bout them. Yeah,if you watch CSI, they got a technology to track suspect and get the facial recognition and walla~ they obtain the detail information about what you have committed, crime or whatsoever. But this data is accessible when you committed crime/s so your identity record is kept in police database OR unless you volunteer yourself to giving all your information in a electronic way (Facebook is one of the way). So, you will never found an augmented reality scanner that can show off someone’s information when the person snap a photo of you using mobile phone. (It’s a cool application actually). If this technology is commercialized, I’m probably will invest my money to buy shares of this product because I know that this product certainly profit me. The market value of this product would be high, I guess. Muahahahaha…

Well, this thing (refer to previous paragraph) actually will violate human rights. You don’t have privacy anymore, snapping mobile pic, scanning people and stalking their details surely will be a new hobbies around the time this technology is created (So do the Facebook, we got many stalker and paedophile in there). Owh, I’m pretty sure during this time, when a person want to befriend someone, he/she will scan that ‘someone’ first so he/she can know the identity of that particular person. (I wish I can have this application A.S.A.P) so I can scan who’s among my friend is a back-stabber, hypocrite, ‘ass-fucking shit kind of species’ and bla3. (I can’t avoid myself being emotional)

PB200686 copy

Wondering how the friend scanner would be… Some instant editing juz to express some of my imagination here… Pretend that the camera is my phone hahaha. ^^