on Friday, November 5, 2010

Korang selalu x kena invite untuk buat duit guna FB tuh. diuar-uarkan bahawa Skim itu dapat menjana pendapatan sehingga berpuluh-puluh, ada yang sehingga beratus ringgit setiap kali Login FB. I’m not a kind of people who love the way of tat particular scheme to operate since ak xtau tahap reliability yg ada pada skim nie. So, I’m not involving myself in this kind of business even though ak nie seorang yang sukakan benda berunsur enterprising (ad otak business jgak ak yek, bangga mentor Matriculation college ak). Anyway, let’s go through on what I going to talk on this post.

If korang x pernah dengar pasal PayBox.me (link to the website), then ak kena buat gimmick skit sal benda nie.

Tuan-tuan dan puan-puan, Dato’, Datin Tun dan Tan Sri semua. Ingin patik perkenalkan
PayBox.me sevice. Tuan, Puan PayBox.me adalah satu servis proses pembayaran dan matawang dalam talian yang rancak diperkenalkan.

Well, actually tu gimmick jer but then, to let u know, PayBox.me is new rapid online currency and payment service. Ia memperkenalkan teknik pembayaran nilai mata wang digital secara online. Ape yang ak merepek nie? OK, I cited some of the introduction about PayBox.me:

PayBox is developing an online currency and payment processing service to make buying and selling online easier, more secure and available to everyone.
PayBox is a rapidly growing online currency and payment processing service. We're on a quest to become the best payment processing service anywhere.

So, ape yang bagus sal benda nie. Firstly, you have to be a EarlyBird User by register an account of yours. So, better hurry up since you may not eligible to be a EarlyBird user anymore after the official launch which scheduled on 2011. By the official launch, you may use PayBox as:
□ Person-to-Person transactions.
□ Small Business integration; payment processing modules for popular shopping cart software.
□ Mid-sized Business integration.
□ Major Online Store integration.
□ Debit Card linked to your PayBox account.
□ Currency exchange with all major world currencies.
□ Easily buy and sell using your PayBox account.
□ Easily send and receive money using your PayBox account.
□ Purchase from nearly any online merchant.
□ Withdraw to nearly any bank account world-wide.
□ Possibly withdraw to other online payment processors.
□ In-exchange from any major world currency.
□ Out-exchange to any major world currency.

So, when you sign up, you will earn $50 as for the kick start. Kalu korg selalu login setiap hari, korg akan gain $20 each day. Since PayBox still not open for public and kteorg still EarlyBird user, so any PayBox transaction will stay within PayBox user and system. Plus, you will get a lot of interesting tasks to accomplish and contest to join but at the same time, you will gain some rewards from anything you have accomplished.

Yet, project nie still under development (Closed Box) dan EarlyBird user adalah satu komoditi yang penting untuk kejayaan project nie utk “Open The Box”. So far, PayBox sudah mempunyai 101.93k registered user. Their target is 2M – 5M registered user to “Open The Box”. But then, this service is a Positive SSL Secured Website, telah dikawal selia oleh Comodo. so, the security is hampir sama dengan security Online Marketplace (Online merchant) yang laen.

So, apa lagi yang korg tunggu, mesti korg dh lame mengidam nk beli ape2 secara online without using that fuckin’ Credit Card kan? So, welcome to PayBox.me.
(reference from PayBox)