on Tuesday, November 2, 2010

For this time, I will introduce you guys with four main categories on my post.

First is Me and ... or (Alius et idem). “Alius et idem” in Latin give a meaning of "something else, yet still the same" which will talk on my feeling towards something, towards somebody, anything from lamp, chair, book, phone, laptop, service, bitches, friends or foes... Anything!

Second, is on WTHeck or titled in Latin as (Aut nunc, aut numquam). “Aut nunc, aut numquam” means “now or never”. This mean that I have to speak it for now or I will never have the chance to speak that particular situation again. This part will covers on the situation that happen in my life, what wrongs and what rights. Anything that I will express my innerself so people aware on what the heck happen around me right now.

Third is on World Speak which I name it in Latin as “Aut agere aut mori” which means "either act or die". Here, I will give you guys some ideas in my mind on what happen in nowadays world. I will tell you some opinions, suggestions and critics on world current events. I’m gonna tell this thing globally, so people will get the message on what I'm talking about. I prefer to write in English, academically and in a better way for this category.

(Take note that my English is not that good. So, I'm sorry for all those grammatical and language style errors but I hope you got the point on what I'm saying in that post. I’ll try my best to write in English)

Last but not least is On Demand (In diem vivere) which will be the post on my blog followers' request. “In diem vivere” mean “to live for the day”. Come out with something, I will live up my blog with all kind of topics. You (my blog follower) may request any kind of issue/topic for me to discuss on and share with you guys. I will create an updated poll on the blog so you guys can vote for your favorite topic to be talked on. If you want to suggest some topic, bring it on (leave some message or recommendation on the Chatbox below or in my Facebook). I would love to hear some from you guys.

Thats all for my introduction to my blog. So, take your time, enjoy yourself reading and following my blog.