on Friday, December 24, 2010

During the past Semester 1 of the First year in the university, marriage is one of the hottest topic to be talked on. So, ak nie agak dilanda ngan pelbagai taufan controversy, thanks God for making me this faithful. Controversy lebih dari artis lagi ak nie (ayat gedik), for a long time menelan segala tohmahan yg dilemparkan itu… Since ak pernah open a question on formspring bout what kind of topic shuld I write for the new entries, then I manage to have some responds from my Formspring’s friends. Some prefer me to do Propaganda Halal and Haram but there is two topics which have the same magnitude of interest. One is on my university 1st Semester examination result.

It’s suppose to be bout this (Semester 1 examination result) before but since they requested tht kind of topic during my Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell (DADT) period, so I’m not ready yet and thus refuse to give a public statement on my Semester 1 result. Like I said before, there is another one tht caught more o’ less magnitude from the respondent just like the Semester 1 exam result topic which is on the marriage act. So, I can see people love to hear bout MARRIAGE ACT even they not really sure wht is it… Thanks guys for giving responds for tht particular question.

So, wht the deal with this Marriage Act would be…? Wht ur first impression would be? it is like “Ape kejadah budak nie memboloks nie?”, “Ape, ada undang2 baru ker nak kawin?!”, “Ape nie, gatal nk kawin dh ker sibuk2 hal nie?” and etc. But do you know tht this thing is all bout my specification of the girl that I want her to be my companion of my life forever and is also about the tasks that I and her should complete within the time before menjejakkan kaki di atas pentas bersanding? Well, actually, benda nie agak common ngan korg, even korg pun mybe ad part taste same mcm ak. Tp tu hak peribadi la kan. Cuma ak tergerak nk tulis pasal nie sbb for a long time, this is the first time I think more specific bout marriage but ak xterbawa2 la feeling nk kahwin nie. Agak kelakar ble diingat semula sbb benda tu di’declare’kan dlm Facebook, ble comment wall post kawan. Pic below tell you guys everything (owh, myb juz some part of it, hahahaha)

Akta Kahwin

So, as you guys can see above. I have to smudge some part of the names since I dun have permission to publish their names to the public. There’s a part where I talk about Marriage Act which is my version. This is the general term of it. There are also some sub-part and conditional exceptions and even my favourable features from the girl but I dun want to write it out tht specific. Let it be with me, in my mind. And for sure this marriage act is not absolute. In real case, there might be a consideration, therefore I can make some changes or alterations towards it. So, dun take this thing too serious.  Here’s the Marriage Act (Dean’s Version)

For the Men:

• He must graduate from University
• He must have job with stable salary (permanency and high-end jobs)
• Loaded with money. (If I want to marry someone, I have to use my own money. I've deal with my parents)
• Make a covenants
• Do medical check up before marriage
• Must be single more than 2 years

For the women:

• She must graduate from University
• Come with job with stable salary (permanency and high-end job is preferable)
• Make the covenants
• Must make a/any deals, agreement or contract in “black & white” (for what, its depend on the couple)
• Be sure that her previous ex-BF have been out from her memories
• Virgin
• Do medical check up before marriage
• Must be single for more than 2 years

I know I’m being such a cerewet, demanding and complexly complicated. But that just me. People might say, “WTH he’s up to. Who he think he is?” but again, tht just me. I’m the one who is complex, complicated and demanding for the best. But I you know more bout my specification, then you know I’m a bit far away, and too complicated and I’m pretty sure this is one of the reason why I stay single for a long time till now. But remember, it’s not only just for me but to remind you guys;

Your children is your heir. They will bring your name throughout the future. The way you decide is the way you want the child to be. If you decide for the best marriage, then you decide the best for your children.
(Ceh! Dean, 2010 dengan falsampahnya)

Well tht make me look like a person who being too serious regarding heirs and lineages. Yup, for me this is an important thing to create a good family background. And Yup, I have planned how’s my family organization. I’m confidence with the scientific research and technology that may help on many thing la in the future. To be sincere, ak mmg hate giler ble tgk pempuan porongs sbb agak xseswai utk ak pandang org mcm tuh. So, I have to make some declaration here. I’ll stay single until I found a right girl for me and please, don’t ask me to share my love life cuz I’m hardly to do so. And ak xcampur urusan love ngan personal dan kerja. So, korg xpayah nk sibuk2 la hal nie. Biar jer ak yg buat urusan nie. Agak uncomfortable kalu ad org yg interfere idup ak ngan benda2 macam nie. They (my life) are somewhat like 3 different world separated by a porous wall or membrane telur, hehehe… Hope korg faham ape maksud ak.

So, wht do you guys think? Do you do the same thing like I do or not? Or maybe you have a better ideas bout this thing? Don’t hesitate. Be pleased to comment it down here.