on Monday, January 10, 2011

Owh, hi guys. Thanks for visiting my blog. Ok, hari nie ak nak sentuh sal benda lain skit. Jarang sgt la ak sentuh sal bab2 nie, even though I put a lot of interest towards this thing. Yeah, I know I’m not very up-to-date with fashions and styling cuz I dun have enough money to spend on that. But still, I love fashion and I would love to see some fashion show some other time in the future. Ok, wht make me interested to tell u guys bout this kind of topic? Well, while I’m in the Facebook, I saw an ads on Luxxemen.com®. Luxxemen (click the link will redirect you to the official site) is
established in 2009. LUXXEMEN.com is a leading online fashion store for men. Our on-going research into creative possibilities in fashion has made us an innovative online space offering exclusive collections by prestigious designers. Our clothing and accessories are all carefully hand-selected because at LUXXEMEN.com, we believe it is all about quality and individuality.
In simple English, Luxxemen is about men fashion. Wht so cool about them? Well, since it’s an online fashion store and it’s for men so I think it’s kinda sophisticated la. With their cool website and wonderful online shopping experience, I think they manage to go more beyond what they have now. Owh, and they have a numbers of cool collections range from knitwear, tank-top, jeans and even underwear. They also come up with lots of accessories and shoes. Their price is also affordable. So, I think more people can get in style with Luxxemen.

So, do Luxxemen offer a free shipping on every purchase? Well, Luxxemen offer a free shipping on a purchase more than RM 200. If you buy items less than RM 200, you will be charged on standard delivery price. For more information on Shipping and delivery, you can check their Customer Service site. Erm, how bout the payment? Luxxemen offer the most simple way to ease their customers. You can either access their Offical Website or simply “Shop via Facebook” Luxxemen.com currently offers THREE main payment methods (I wish you can implement PayBox method in the future):

1. Credit card
2. Bank tranfers
3. Paypal

Well then, if you are a student who love to be in style, but you dun have Credit card of Paypal account, I think you can use the bank transfer method. However, please acknowledge your parents first before you do a transaction. PG (Parental Guidance is advisable) OK!!! Owh, have I told u guys about Guarantee Return??? Well, in case u don’t fit in size (either too loose or too tight), or you have some other problem after u receive the delivery, you can send it back for replacement or refund back ur money. But make sure it’s still at it’s original condition (the Luxxemen’s product tag is still attached) or you may not have the chance to return it back, hahahahaha.

It wouldn’t be a complete entry if I’m not writing bout my interest on this products, isn’t? So, which product tht catch my attention. Here, I list some of my favorite product and in my wish list:
> Bling Net Jacket (My most favourite jacket in the listing)
> XMD Trilogy Tee (Well, this Tee look so cool)
> Fred Perry Double Tape Zip Up Track Jacket (I like this, I have a full wardrobe of dark and black clothing, now I have to go back to the white)
> OUGGAPAI Extra Slim Cut Jacket (I’m a big fan of extra-slim cut. Wondering why dun they have a smaller size? Dun they know we have a kids’ size teenager nowadays???)
> Nuugo Happy Boxer (I'm not a fan of undies but I love this one especially the yellow strike)
> Podopo Red Sneaker OR VII Sleek Black Srtripe Sneaker (Both look cool but sometimes, I need to go back to my white heart, a feeling that love white)
> Dean DC (Are this cap customized for me??? hahaha, well it’s look so cool…)

So, I have list out some of my wish list item. I hope you guys can give this as my 20th birthday present this June OK, hahahaha (Ayat demand nak mampus). Anyway, I would love to buy the ‘Bling Net Jacket’ in the near future. But for sure its not a purpose to keep me warmth nor avoiding my body from get wet (it’s a net-clothing so u know la) but then , I love the style and I dunno, I can see the artistic side of this clothing.

I think that all for today’s entry. I try to make it as simple as possible so you can have the best info but not stressing ur eyes, hahaha… Cheerios!!! Owh, I almost forgot to tell you guys something. The Luxxemen's Team have work out for a promotion which require you guys to add a Luxxeman's badge to you Facebook profile picture. You may follow all the instruction as in the picture. As a thank you from the Luxxemen's team, they'll giveaway you a 25% discount code for your next purchase...

By the way, You can copy the code below if you want to share the Luxxemen badge at your website or blog.
<;script type="text/javascript">var _pbwid = 311316;</script>
<script type="text/javascript" src="http://www.picbadges.com/w/widget.js"></script>

You can also LIKE their Facebook Page by clicking the pic below…


How you can find them:

Luxxemen Concept Store
36-2, Jalan PJU5/11,
Dataran Sunway.
Kota Damansara.
47810 Petaling Jaya.

Business Hour :
Tuesday - Sunday
11a.m - 8p.m

Email : customercare@luxxemen.com

Tel : +60361502482