on Wednesday, January 26, 2011
Et Nocte Perpetua
WTH with this WYSIWYG? I’m not talking nonsense here!!! Well, actually I got some response (and also some of my observation) on the usability within my blog. I hope my latest layout not making you lost while visiting my blog. Ok, in this entry, I will give you some tutorials (Arrgh, I’m fuckin’ hate the term tutorial, physiologically down-turning my learning process), lets change it into ‘guide’ which sound better, hehehe. Ohhh, didn’t I mention you guys what is WYSIWYG??? WYSIWYG means What You See I What You Get. So, the thing is, what you see in my blog is what you will get… If you people already familiar with my blog, I dun think u guys will deal with difficulties to explore my blog… This is just for the ones tht newly visit this blog and feel a lil’ bit lost…So, lets go to the first main thing in my blog; the layout.

Ok, look at the pic above first. I prefer to call it as The Grid of Posts where most of my post will be displayed as a gallery in the main homepage (The feature of this blog post, that why la I put it at first).

Well, usually, a blog home view would be somewhat full of texts but I come out with a different approach. To make it more eye candy, I make each post displayed as a grid of posts gallery. The good thing is, u can make some overview on my previous post from the title and photos. So, there is no need to scroll down like u are heading to the centre of the earth just to see my oldest post in my homepage… Just click your preferred entry then walla~, and u are into it… I hope this would simplify you guys.

Sometimes, u might move to another tab while my page to load up, but when u come back, a black screen like this appeared.

energy saving

There is no need to panic. It’s just an Energy Saving display which reduce the electricity usage while u browsing the internet. This is one of my baby-step approach to save the environment. I will come out with a blog post regarding this issue and how to become a community that aware with environmental issues. Owh, if u encounter with this black screen situation, then u just need to hover ur mouse to the browser screen so it will go back to my blog.

Owh, do you see the lava lamp navigation bar on the top of this blog? I hope this thing trap your attention cuz I work so hard to alter some customization in their HTML code. I hope you guys can use this thing to gain the full experience while surfing in my blog. Navigation in this blog would be as sleek and smooth as its look. Here is a snippet of the navigation bar.


And here’s some description for each of the navigation links:

HOME : To bring you back to the main homepage of this blog.
ABOUT DEAN : To give you some info about about myself. dun worry, I dun display my personal details that much. Just a plain description about me…
CONTACT DEAN : Here will give you a redirection to my top-favourite and visited site. You can find me through any of the listed website. Click the Big Icon to redirect you to tht particular website.
SHIMA HOMESTAY : This is the redirection link to my family-run homestay business. This page still under construction. So, dun hesitate to give some recommendations for improvements.
SEND LETTER : Ahahaha, fan letter!!! JK… Well In case you want to send me some private messages about anything, you may use this feature. It will pop-up a browser for email sending process. In case, the feature didn’t show up, please enable your pop-up for my blog. ATTENTION: NO SPAM!!!

So, I think I’m done with the layout part. This entry already make your eyes fall to an condition wht I call as “exhaustion of focus”. So, on the next posts, I’ll give you some tips and details for my blog’s plugins… Keep reading and have a good day everyone…