on Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Thank u for furthering your reading to this second part (and also the last part for this theme version). Now, I want to finish up the things that I haven’t describe yet on the previous post, which is the plugins. Dunno what is plugins???? I think you should do some Google on this thing by ur own lah… ^^ (Malas nak tulis definition) Now let’s explore some of my plugins that available in my blog for u guys.

First is the Hover-On menu. (I dunno wht the exact name for this thing so I come up with another name tht I think somewht cool la)
hover2      hover 

Here’s is a place for me to cluster up all the sidebar (and also some of top-bar and bottom-bar) plugins. It’s like a Complex of plugins. When you hover on one of the menu, then, you can see the plugin(s) that hidden behind it. Each of the Menu usually hold up at least a plugin. So, in my case I have four Menu which mean that there is four plugins hidden behind it… So convenient to clear up all the sidebar mess!!! For example, if you hover you mouse to the “About Et Nocte Perpetua” Menu, then you can see some of the hidden information that I put inside it. So do with the other things:

Atom RSS : A Menu that compromise a number of RSS plugin to ease you people to subscribe my RSS feeds.
Blog Anthem : This Menu give a space for a music player which plays SOMNUS NEMORIS by YOKO SHIMOMURA. This would be my blog’s official anthem cuz this song inspire me in lots of thing especially during my blog creation.
Ask Dean : this Menu contain a plugin from Formspring where you guys can leave me a question on anything (but I put it in my blog so you guys can leave me some questions about my blog post, but this place is open for any kind of question jgak la)
About Et Nocte Perpetua : This is just to display you guys some info and regulations towards my blog. As you can see this blog is licensed under Creative Commons. check link for more info.

One of the plugin that I think ignored by most of my blog visitor is the Chatbox. This is a good plugin cuz I think you people can leave any message, anytime without a need to register or other WTF procedure. Just in case you want to sign in with your Facebook or Twitter, then, you need to approve some authorization with your social networks account. Well, I used to check up any ‘leave message’ sent by my visitor cuz I can’t get online for 24 hours in this chatbox. Leave me anything, from suggestions to critics. I will reply A.S.A.P.


You can even make a search on my blog form this chat-bar. this is such a nice plugin to try! It would be a waste if you not utilize it. BTW, there is also a navigation link on this chat-bar. But not as cool as the lava lamp navigation bar as I mention before. It’s just an alternative for the lava lamp navigation bar.

What’s next? Aha, the Google Translator. Well, as you know we are interconnected each other through the Internet. So, dor sure there is a high possibility to have a blog visitors from other countries… And for sure there is some place where English or Malay or Manglish is not their  primary language… Now, this is the moments where Google Translator take his roles…


With this plugin, you dun need to open Google Translator, copy all my text, paste it and get the translation. Now, u can do it in this blog itself. Supporting a numbers of language but do not expect it will translate my post accurately cuz either way the Translator that not a ‘very-perfect-app’ or bcuz of my ‘not-so-good’ Manglish… So, dun expect the translation would be as good as you can understand OK, hehehehe (By the way, visitor that use another language as their main computer language usually will be prompted automatically by Google Translator in case if you use the Google Chrome)

I think everyone should know bout the follow-following thing nie. So, I dun have to waste much time writing bout this part. By default, you can follow me through Blogger.

follow blog

Usually, you should sign in with Google Accounts, OpenID and etc. But then there is some addons. There is another alternative which require an authentication with NetworkedBlogs via Facebook account to follow this blog. Well, you can easily view my latest blog posts from this apps. The photos below showing a special lounge for a Facebook followers…

follow networkedblog

Its Ok, you dun need to be my friend to follow through this NetworkedBlogs. Well then, you can follow me through either way. Or maybe you want to follow both way. Up to you, u decide. It’s WYSIWYG!!! Like I said before, I dun expect for many follower but I would love to have a loyal readers… Ceh wah, gedik jer nk ad loyal followers, muahahaha. I love loyalty!

Sharing is caring. Penipu… Sharing is faming!!! Juz kiddin’ but seriously (geleng2 kepala) Erm, you can share anything which appear in my blog but remember, my blog is licensed under Creative Commons, so I hope you guys can consider the regulations first before making take an actions which I think as inappropriate.

share it   like 

The first pic showing you the sharing tool which float at the right side of the blog. Limited into three kind of sharing options, the most popular ones; Facebook, Twitter and Google Buzz. Well, if you love my blog entries, you can ‘like’ it using the Facebook Like plugin that I put on every blog posts.

Last but not least, the advertisement. sponsored by Nuffnang. Well, basically it’s just an ads. so if you interested with the ad, you can check it out by clicking on it. good thing is those ads works like a donation to my blog, hahaha. No need to explain in depth bout this thing. check the Nuffnang link for more details. One example of Nuffnang ad would be just like this…


So, that’s all la for this theme version. I hope this cover up all the guides to my blog… I’ll come up again with this kind of blog when I introduce a new version layout to my blog… See you again in a next blogpost… Till we meet again. (Feel sleepy when posting this entry) Cheerios… ^^