on Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I dun want to talk much about it, My main purpose is to try embedding Forms by Google Docs into this blog (Wow, its working la). So, I will briefly tell you guys what I’m working on right now. OK, actually my group is working on a research project entitle “SOSIO-PSIKOLOGIKAL DAN IMPAKNYA TERHADAP INTEGRITI ANTARA KAUM”. Wow! That wht people say, "Tajuk cliché". Tp mungkinkah isinye se’cliché’ tajuknya? So ak nk arr prove lakat you guys yang ak bleh buat benda tuh. Mmg la xde sehebat mane pun cerita disebalik tajuk tu pun tp lots of people still dun understand the socio-psychological concept yang slalu berlaku kat sekeliling kita in reality.
[scroll down to the last part of this entry to answer the questionnaire. But I prefer you to read the overview on this issue first, down here]

Sosio-psikologikal nie mcm nie la… In formal definition, ak bleh kate cmni:
Sosio-psikologikal boleh ditakrifkan sebagai faktor sosial dan pskikologi yang berhubung antara satu sama lain
Tp dlm statement biase, ia bleh ditakrifkan secara mudah sebagai persepsi dan pandangan sosial.

Meanwhile, ape plak yg dimaksudkan ngan isu-isu sosio-psikologikal? Isu-Isu Sosio-Psikologikal boleh didefinisikan sebagai":
Persepsi negatif terhadap orang lain. Ia memanefestasikan satu bentuk prejudis, stereotaip rasisme dan diskriminasi.

So, ak xleh nk buat statement official lagi sal result yang ak dapat secara general sbb ak baru saja mengedarkan form itu kepada public semalam. So, macam mane ak distributekan questionnaire tu sumer? I tried to make a different approach compare ngan yang biase ak buat cuz I like doing this kind of research. So, I come up with an idea. First, I use Adobe LifeCycle… Mmg la smart and professional nmpk form tuh and tht form can be distributed online but when I do some user test on the questionnaire distribution, ak mendapati, it’s not that user-friendly. Suppose submit button work out tp ak xtau cmne sbb berape org try dh tp xde pun yg masuk dlm inbox ak…

Then, I move to the second method. Using Google Docs. Melalui Google Docs, Ak bleh buat office punyer kerja. In addition, it can do a survey form. So, from that la ak nak aplikasi ilmu ak and utk research project ak. Mmg la agak ‘dua kali kerja’ skit (kena type semula kot soalan2 tuh sumer) tp berbaloi la feedback dier. So, wht so good about this thing. OK, basically, research project nie just to fulfil the Ethnic Relation course’s requirement but since ak nie jenis over-excited n semangat terlebih (sampai meneleh2) ble bab2 research nie, so I take chance la utk implement method baru dlm membuat research.

Like during my matriculation year, I also make an approach in a digitalized survey form, one and only group that making this kind of approach. Tp mase kat matriculation, ak xde laptop and mase tu, connection ngan friends laen agak limited (Erm, my matrix age is my dark age), so distibution still to be done in a manual way. (Owh, ak guna Microsoft InfoPath and pengetahuan ak sal SQL and XML nie kurg skit) For this time, it’s such a good improvement for me la (name pun improvement kan) Sbb from this way, ak juga mendukung prinsip ak (prinsip la jugak) dlm keperihatinan alam sekitar. I name it as Green Approach sbb melalui method ini, ak xperlu lagi nk print out the form which consequently waste my time, money and trees itself. BTW, did I said bout the ability for this web application to generate a summary from a survey? If not, then, go and explore yourself ya!!! Korg bayang la, kalu print out, this will consume up to 300 sheets of A4 paper for 100 respondents. It’s not a small number actually, they are equivalent to 3.61% of standard ‘paper’ tree. Yeah, u can say its just a small percentage la, but! Do u see the impacts? Think again.

Tgk, saje2 ak membebel panjang sal benda nie. Motif sebenar ak utk post nie hanyalah utk mengiklankan survey form ak. So, I hope you guys (Malaysian readers in specific) to give some help to my my research by filling out this form. If you are Russian, Japanese etc but knows Bahasa Melayu very well, then be please to answer this survey (tp korg tau ker sal isu2 yg happen kat Malaysia? Kalu xtau baek xpayah, hahahahaha)Just a simple one, won’t take more than 30 minutes actually. Well,you not only helping me but you also help to save the Earth. It’s would be nice if you can be a part of the community that care about the environment?

That all I think for this entry, I hope you’ll like my way, my method and even my form. Try your best to answer this survey. Dun hesitate to email me or chat me in case you need help. Happy answering… ^^

[update on 5th day after distribution]
Thank you guys for making this happen! My goal for 100 respondents is finally achieved. Good news, this survey is still open for new respondents. Thanks for your support. You guys just save 300 sheets of A4 paper = 3.61% of standard 'paper' tree. Just a small percentage but do you see the impacts?