on Saturday, March 19, 2011

Hi guys… Long time no see. I just want to update my blog with a simple post. It’s about a new friends that I met this week. Yeah, I’d love to be friends with international students and I love to act internationally. It’s feel so different and to act like that, we need a high level of courage, seriously. I befriend with 4 out of 10 Japanese. It’s such a cool record, hahahaha…

So, I brave myself to greet a Japanese guy (who’s at first greet me, but in form of ‘body language’) and it’s turn out very well. He is from Osaka, Japan. I prefer him for a seat, we had a chat and in an AWKWARD SITUATION, he invited me to join him playing darts. Yeah, I’m not very good at it and that would be my first time playing darts, and at the same time, my first time playing darts with Japanese. (First time pun dapat la jugak tuju darts tu kat board dier). Then, he called his friends (all girls) and some of them look so KAWAIII. We talked on many things, from their visit to Malaysia (in specific, UKM) until the current Tsunami in Japan. Owh, it was so cool being surrounded by Japanese people, especially when we’re in public space. All local people around there looked at me… (Agak bangga sebenarnya). Sometimes, the situation is getting a lil’ bit more awkward when they start to talk in Japanese. I wonder if they are talking bout me? But, then they thanks me, for what reason, I don’t really know actually…

Then, I moved to a Japanese girls. She is so sweet, we talk about Sarawak, at the same time, flipped all those magazines on the bookshelf. Suddenly, all the books feel down from the shelf. We quickly put all the books back to the shelf. ANOTHER AWKWARD SITUATION, but hey, it’s fun actually. Then I talked to a girl with black hair. She is so cute… Her name is Natsumi a.k.a Rita. She's from Tokyo, Japan. We talk a little bit and then she ask me to have a photo. It’s like WOW, I love it (tanpa menghiraukan yang ak benci camera)!!! Like most typical KAWAIII Japanese girl, peace hand-sign would be a cute pose and I’m automatically raise up that hand-sign too. Well, the picture looks good. I’m asking them if they have a Facebook and they came to a sad face and replied me. Yes, they don’t have it. *Tetttt*. But its OK, better be this way, that would be a sweet memories for us ^^ OWH, they are so excited when I mentioned them that I’m 19 cuz they are the same age as me… WooHoo

Since they have to leave Malaysia on the next day, they had to rush back. (Rush-rush pun 1 hour ++ lebih jugak berkenal-kenalan). Owh, I forgot to Bluetooth the picture taken before. I asked Natsumi to Bluetooth it to my phone. But she said “Erm, not really understand, but you mean transferring the pic??” and I quickly replied, “Yes”. She changed her phone language into English and give the phone to me so I can Bluetooth it. Yeah, it’s a Japanese phone, and I don’t know how’s the phone works actually. Erm, we were at a perfume stall in Pusanika, trying to Bluetooth the pic. People looked at us but who cares… LOL Erm, but the Bluetooth transfer was failed. I dunno what cause that error to happen, but I’m pretty disappointed cuz I can’t have that pic. But I said, “It’s OK, just leave it as your memories with me” (hahaha, buat jiwang) ANOTHER AWKWARD MOMENT. Farewell guys. I’m gonna miss you guys ^^
P/S: Why on earth I don't give them my email!!! Stupid la u Dean!!! Benda macam tu pun xleh nak fikir awal. Ble tunggu bas baru ingt... DEMN! Menyesal giler2. sah2 panic mase nk amek gambar tuh!!!

Owh, did I mention to you guys that they know Malay language (Bahasa Melayu) more than English? Owh, at first, I start the conversation in English, but he’s not really understood me but then, I asked him in simple English, does he knows Bahasa Melayu, and he promptly replied, YES! He on himself claimed that he knows Bahasa Melayu more than English.Wow, all of them know Bahasa Melayu (at least a lil’ bit). Proud to be Malaysian, OK!

This is some of the best moments in my life. Meeting Japanese in full of smiles and cheers!!! They are awesome!!! I love them so much. (Lantak korg la nk kate ak brag ker ape?!) but this post is written by me, accompanied by memories, excitement and a smile. ^_^

P/S: I feel sympathy with what happened in Japan. Earthquake and Tsunami is not something that can be avoided. Hopefully the situation in Japan quickly recovered. I wish you all safe. Pray for Japan everyone... For the sake of humanity!