on Monday, March 14, 2011

Hi guys… sorry for not updating in a long time. I’m not that busy actually this week but considering that I do a lot of travel (correctly, commuting) from KL and UKM. My dad come here, so I don’t stay that much at university’s college last week. In fact, I already have three blogpost which is still in draft and will be posted as soon as possible. Thanks for being a loyal reader. Today, I want to share with you guys some of my opinion about sex discrimination which is a global topic which is widely talked everywhere currently. Actually, I just want to share with you some Q&A asked by my friend who is a fresher man at Foreign Trade University (Vietnam) and also a member of Study Research Department, Leo Thanh Hung (credit to him) to be published in a departmental issued economic magazine named ‘Facts n Figures’ (that’s what he said – even if not I’m still glad because I already gained something from it, a global knowledge). So, the Q&A sounds like this:

1. What is your viewpoint towards sex discrimination in business, at work?

Well, from my perspective, I think this kind of discrimination still happens especially in corporate businesses. Generally, in industrial sectors, gender is not the main factor for employment as industrial care more on quantity than quality in workforce. So, gender discrimination not plays its role here. 
But in business, which quality come first before quantity (doesn't make any sense but its true actually. Well, at least to me) they do think this way because at this phase, we start to convince our customers to deal up in our business. In a way that people always think men is better in Science and Maths, and that the reason why you see the overrepresentation of men in leadership position in a Science (Technologies) and Maths (Economics) sectors. In a organization’s lower hierarchy, women used to be the middleman between higher management and customers. 
In my opinion, sex discrimination occurs in both way, either for men and also women. This opinion is strengthen by a fact that in corporate business, we do have a variety of jobs in a organization and from this way, we can see some gender stratification involving jobs' prospects. Obviously, in a corporate business, we do have a hierarchical environment compare to a less corporate organization which do have a 'flatter' hierarchical environments. So, we used to be in a 'mind-lock' where women used to be a Secretary or Financial advisor.

2. Have you ever think that someday in the future women will be much more powerful than men, especially in the area of economics??? And what do you think about this in 21st century?
I bet it's going to happen. In fact, it's already happen and I do believe, every religions stress about the significance of gender equality. However, we have to believe one more facts that men do have egos and women tend to follow that ego. Women have some belief on Feminism movement where they have awareness towards the rights of gender equality in workplace, especially in a corporate sector. They want to show that they can rules the world too (which the leadership is conservatively dominated by men) 
These kinds of awareness in generally create a ‘grey-zone’ upon the 'black and white' reality in gender discrimination. Tolerantly, men do understand these rights and we are giving space for that. However, I also believe that women are easily influenced by emotional and psychologically compare to men which is more focus-oriented. Upon my perspective, I think men have a more focussed vision compare to women that think more ‘widespread’ and thinking of all consequences from each actions taken. Men and women will make a great combination in a corporate organization. To me, there is no purpose of gender discrimination as I think it’s not giving any profits, in social and economics prospect. 
21st century is the ‘renaissance age’ in cleansing the social discriminations. It’s is the time where we interact globally without thinking much about gender, ethnic and nationality. In economics, a diplomatic bond is one of the main essential in providing a stable and profit-generating economics. In today’s world, if you stay in a pool of ‘conservative thinker’, there’s may be a possibility for you not to gain any success in controlling the world economics.

3. Do you know why the income of almost women is lower than that of men, despite the same work?
Actually, I don’t even realize that kind of situation ever happen because I used to understand that each kind of jobs has their own salary/income without differentiating the gender. I’m guessing that this situation might happen maybe because of the organization’s director/manager think that even though the women hold the same job as men do but the workload are different which considering the women work’s power, they are basically have a lower work’s power compare to men. 
For example, there are two employees, one is a man and another one is a woman. Both work at the same job level. However, both work at different branch’s location, in example, the man work at New York and the woman work at Los Angeles. There might be geography influential in this case but considering it’s a ‘non-boundary’ connection with today’s technology, the only factor that matter is the workloads. The director/manager consider that women can’t handle a bigger workloads compared to men. That why the woman is assigned to a place with a lower capacity of workloads.

4. Using "sexy women" in advertising as a way to create "unforgettable" impression on the viewers is always good, do you agree?
I consider this as women exploitation, exploitation towards women’s body. It’s a solid fact that sexy figures create a fantastic and unforgettable impression towards viewers and definitely is a good way in marketing. However, if they really do want the same equality rights, do they have to do that? As for me, they still way under that ‘gender rights’ since they still allows their body to be exploited by the big companies to gain money. They want to be equally treated like men does but at the same time, they slave themselves to gain fame. It’s not a good way to gain success. When will the women emancipate themselves to achieve that gender equality if they still allow themselves to be discriminated in such way?

5. What would you like to express to women in all over the world?
It was a good thing that women aware with their roles in this global society today. Many of them still not realize their abilities which would be beneficial to their surroundings. You got the potential to become a successful person. It’s obviously proved in the way you take a responsibility as a mother. Don’t look down your power. I believe that power shouldn't be in dormant, instead express that power through your success as women and as a leader to this World society. Sex discrimination is at its end. They are just a locked door. You just need the key of ‘self-believe’ to open it. Remember, every each of man’s success, there’s stand a woman. Believe in your potential. Believe in your significance. Believe in your Success. 
Happy Women’s Day.

So, as you can see above, this is just my opinions. If there is something that bothering, don’t hesitate to tell me. There’s many thing I learned today while answering these questions and I’m glad someone ask my opinion regarding this issue. I hope all people out there, especially women, can gain some benefit from this post. As for me, this is such an important issue to be alerted to the public. It’s such a great story if I can make a changes towards world’s humanity from this article, even just a slight of it. That's all for today. Thanks for reading. See ya!!!