on Monday, March 21, 2011

Yeah, I guess some of you pretty bored with lengthy blogpost in my blog, but its OK, as a thanks for being my loyal follower, I’d like to make this blog more interactive. OK, lets play some game. Based on your birthday and your outfit’s color, put all the description on what you choose into a sentence and share the sentence.
Reply your answer at the comment site and I’ll monthly choose one of the best comment at the end of the month. The prize would be:
A review from me about your blog!!!
(macam la ak hebat sgt kan, hahahaha??? =_=)

>>which at the same time will increase your blog traffic too!<<
[Read the Terms & Conditions of this contest at the last section of this blogpost]


Choose your birth month:

Choose your birth date:

Choose the color of shirt that you currently wear:

Terms & Conditions applied (cuz it’s an on-going contest):
1. I’ll will pick only one best best comment monthly which will be selected at the end of the particular months.
2. This contest will be run starting March 2011 until June 2011.
3. Only one entry is allowed per blog username (you not born twice isn’t??) and only one review will be made.
4. Anonymity and non-Blogger comments is allowed but you won’t be eligible for any rewards lah.
5. If there is no new comments for some of the month, no entry about blog review (based on this contest) will be published
6. Only me have the rights to choose the best comment and veto rights to cancel the winnings.
7. Comments with valid (real birthday) and on-time photo (snap a pic with your shirt color) have the higher priority of winnings.
8. You should Facebook account URL for birthday and photo confirmation (Optional but it’s for a higher possibility of winnings)
9. You have to make a simple blog entry and promote about this contest first as the ‘ticket-pass’ for this contest.
10. Any changes at Terms & Conditions is valid even without the prior notices.