on Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Finally, it took hours (and days) to finish this cover. Synchronizing the sound is harder than I thought when singing it. I try to change the way they song in Korean to Manglish. It’s will sound so close to their words but in case there is some part which is sound not that suitable, then propose something which is closer.

Firstly, play the song from this Youtube embedded player. Or in case you already have the song in your computer (digitally downloaded), then play it from your hard disk:

P/S: You can also illegally download the song here (which is not recommended as it is against the law actually) Enter the Captcha code >> Right-click the link >> "Save link as"

Then, sing along with this lyric (click the lyric page to enlarge):

So, what do you think? Still got some parts that need some touch-ups? In case there is, then, try to leave some comments on which part would you like to make a touch-ups/recommendations so people who read this can try some other alternatives which proposed by you guys…