Dean is an idiosyncratic guy who practices individualism in his life. He put his passion on art and think individualism is the most played role in his nowadays life but don't ever judge him on the first talk as you will never know him on the first glance.

His blog is written basically in bilingual mix; English and Malay, so if you not really understand but intended to know something from his blog entries, don't hesitate to ask him personally. He's the one who do not begging or expecting for many followers but if you like his blog entries, be please to follow this blog as he's expecting for a loyal followers.

He aged 19, currently the First Year undergraduate student in National University of Malaysia. Born in Sibu, Sarawak and raised in Kuala Terengganu, Terengganu. Now, he lives in National University of Malaysia, Bangi and studying for Bachelors in Computer Science.

He loves to travels/walks alone. He loves to observe, experience and even learn the surrounding societies. Not to forget, he is such a kind that not easily get into a relationship and enjoy his bachelor life very much. Ever think about marriage but not being that serious with it. He said, "it's not the time yet to care much bout it". His main focus now is to achieve an elite career, stay focus on whatever cross his passions and have a grand master plan to innovate a new world system. He's dream jobs is to become an architect or a plastic surgeon. Sometimes, he loves to talk and take the lead in the project's team.