This the contact page. As you guys see, there are numbers of connection can be made between me and you. You may contact me from any of the site listed but be sure your messages or requests is appropriate with the site you choose to contact me. It's like you don't have to sent 'Hi' message to my Youtube inbox. BTW, do not SPAM.

Just click any icon and it will redirect you to my network's profile page. Owh, some of the icon don't have redirect link since I'm still not sign up for that particular network. However, there's no need to worry as the network will come very soon in the future.

Welcome to the world of most famous Social Network.
You can contact me on Facebook via Facebook Message.
If you know me or want to know me very well in the real world, don't hesitate to request for friendship here. Please come up with personal message to introduce yourself and where you found my profile. Don't just plainly request for friendship, I dun really like it to be tht way, and I might ignore the request if tht happens.

Want to know something or anything, about me?
Here's the perfect place to do so. You can ask me question about anything.
I'll try to give the best response and I won't guarantee your satisfaction towards my answers. It won't cost a lot of lives if u insult me with your question. If the question is somewht may trigger my sensitivity, please ask the question wisely in Formspring or you can send a private message to my Facebook etc. The good thing is this site allows anonymity. So, feel free to ask me question, hahahaha

Where else you can find me play online games?
Yeah, I'm a kind tht always busy with anything and don't really have a time for a hangout.
So, GaiaOnline is the place where I hangout virtually as most of my time is in front of 13-inch HP Pavilion dv3 laptop monitor. It's a interactive forum-based website where I pour out my opinions on any topics. It's also a good place for an anime MMORPG games like Gaia zOMG. It's the best virtual hangout site. Seriously, I'm always go for a hangout at Hollywood street.

Do I go for online business?
Yes, and PayBox is the right choice. I dun want to waste my time to tell you wht so good bout this site. Read my entries on for more info.
This site is still under a closed-box operation. Some of the transaction and payment is not valid for real purpose, fully functional on 2011.Wht you can do with my PayBox page. When you sign up for this site, you can find me here if you want to make a business transactions; donations, trades or payments to me. Get used with this site. Maybe I'm selling something through this blog in the future?

Still this old school or someone who still fight for his/her own space?
Yeah, dated back, I have use Myspace long time ago but even after the new phenomena of Facebook, my MySpace account still available and Tim still in my friendlist.
I'd allow random add here, in this MySpace (cuz I dun really have my own space here) but don't add me so you can do spam or wutever.I'm not updating my MySpace tht frequently, compare to Facebook, but I love to know strangers (strange isn't?) and will approve any request for friendship (not autobot) here.

I hate making videos but WTH with my Youtube account?
Relax dude. I'm probably dun make a video on myself. I share my video that I have uploaded, favorites and viewed here.
You guys can view my Youtube account and see my recently favorites and uploaded here. There is nothing much to say about this site cuz I'm still a passive Youtuber and even I have video-cam myself. But if you want me to subscribe your channel and make some review on it at my blog, I think Youtube is the best video-sharing site.

Last but not least, the Twitter (Now I have one)
Updated!!! Now I have a Twitter account.
Through, you can get more micro updates by me. However, I'm still a fan of Facebook. Creating this account is on purpose to reserve the ID so there will never be a 'fake-account' conflicts soon. Follow me to stay update on anything. We can talk about blog there if you want too.

Since we are in the generation where social networks grows rapidly just like "the virus after found a host to conquer", I think this page will grow too with more and more social networks in the future. So, keep update with this page (and also my blog la). More to come... Coming soon!